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Branch GlavUpDK Russian MFA firm "Inpredkadry" more than 20 years provides services to more than 500 diplomatic missions, foreign commercial missions and Russian firms.

In today's complex world companies need a reliable partner. We develop individual resolution in the area of the financial services, HR documenting, personnel leasing and additional services in the area of incorporation and conducting the business in Russia.

Additional services

1. Accreditation and registration of representatives of foreign organizations and their employees, and settlement of all accompanying issues:

  • accreditation and extension of accreditation period;
  • professional accreditation of employees of foreign representatives;
  • execution of employment permit for foreign citizens;
  • registration of Russian and foreign legal entities in FMS with following execution of invitation for entrance and multiply visas for foreign citizens;
  • registration of foreign citizens at the location of an representative;
  • registration of foreign representatives at the taxation authorities, non-budgetary funds, statistics bodies;
  • preparation of documents for execution of insurance pension certificates;
  • services of translations and notary certification of documents;
  • administration of preparation of documents and performance of all required events of work safety and fire safety;
  • execution for foreign representatives at FSS certificated of the payment amount for traumatism for the current year and etc.

2. Legal consultation concerning the labor legislation:

  • conclusion and termination of employment agreements with specification of business at the foreign representatives;
  • working hours and leisure time (irregular working hours, overtime works, works in weekends and holidays, annual and additional paid leave, unpaid leave and other similar issues);
  • salary (procedure and payment deadline, incentive and compensation payments, payment deadline at discharge);
  • guarantees for employees during business trips, upon part-time work with education, and etc.

3. Consultation regarding the issues of applying of tax, migration legislation of RF;

4. Services of administration of optimum mandatory and voluntary medical insurance of employees;

5. Translations.

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