Possible changes in migration legislation area

1. Thus, out of the list of documents, required for obtaining by a foreign citizen a tourist visa, it is offered to exclude an contract for the touristic services providing, and also to extend maximum period of the visa validity (from 30 days till six months) and its range. Provided that, for the purpose to provide an additional protection of the visas, it has been offered to enter into the list of information of a foreign citizen, contained in the Russian visa, his/her photo image.

It is offered to establish possible extend from three months until one year validity period of business, private and tourist visas and from one year until five years – for humanitarians.

Also, it is provided to extend the period of validity of diplomatic or employment visa from three months until one year. The text of legislation N 483083-6 “Concerning the changes into the Federal law ‘Concerning the procedure of exit from the Russian Federation and entry into the Russian Federation” and additional materials are posted on the official site of the State Duma.

2. It has been taking measures to manage the procedure of engaging a foreign employee, entered the territory of RF from the countries of visa-free entry procedure, in execution of the employment activity, required special knowledge or special training. The relevant legislation has been introduced to the State Duma.

It is provided under the law to establish as a term of issue to a foreign citizen an employment permit, required special knowledge or special training, existence of required education, qualification or special knowledge for execution of the professional activity (major), upon which a foreign citizen plans to execute the employment. Regarding that, the list of the documents, required for issuing of a permit for a foreign citizen for employment, are planning to extend with the documents, confirmed the education or qualification or existence of the special knowledge.

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