GlavUpDK at the MFA of Russia Celebrates Its 99th Anniversary

GlavUpDK at the MFA of Russia Celebrates Its 99th Anniversary

On August 24, 1921, the Council of Labor and Defense established the Foreigner Service Bureau, the predecessor of GlavUpDK. GlavUpDK at the MFA of Russia today is a modern specialized enterprise in charge of providing accommodation and wide range of services to diplomatic missions of foreign countries and international organizations.

“For almost a century GlavUpDK has been solving important tasks of providing services to diplomatic corps and international missions thus advancing the values of Russian hospitality and strengthening friendship bonds between countries. Professionalism, respect to traditions, a very special philosophy of hospitality and a responsible approach to the values entrusted to us, all these are pillars of our culture, and this is why our enterprise continues to operate successfully and remains unique,” noted Head of GlavUpDK Sergey Makarov in his celebratory speech to employees.

GlavUpDK manages more than one million square meters of office and residential areas. GlavUpDK’s clients include more than 180 diplomatic missions, 2,000 foreign and Russian companies and 100 foreign correspondent offices.

GlavUpDK creates the most comfortable conditions for diplomatic and other foreign missions to work and live in our country, both in terms of providing office and residential space and supplying a wide range of services that cover vital aspects of life.

In addition to renting out various facilities, such services also include high-qualified healthcare services (Medincenter branch), arrangement of business and entertainment events (Cultural Center), accounting and HR services (Firma Inpredkadry branch) and a number of auto transportation services (Spetsavtocenter branch). GlavUpDK also operates other branches, for example recreational facilities that are popular among diplomatic corps and other people: the golf club Moscow Country Club and Recreational Complex Zavidovo.

GlavUpDK manages more than 150 mansions in Moscow, and most of them are cultural heritage buildings that offer accommodation for foreign embassies.

Historical buildings are managed and operated in strict compliance with Russian cultural heritage protection law supervised by monument protection authorities.

The motto “hospitality is our profession” continues to remain paramount for each employee of the enterprise throughout all its history.

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