GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia – 100 years of honorable service

GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia – 100 years of honorable service

Year 2021 is a jubilee year for the Main Administration for Service to the Diplomatic Corps (GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia) – on August 24 the Administration celebrates its 100th anniversary since the day of foundation.

The history of GlavUpDK is replete with hard work, brilliant achievements and unique projects, many of them of ground-breaking quality for our country. And the word "first" inextricably accompanies the Administration – the country's first clinic for foreigners; the first office building in downtown Moscow – on Pokrovsky Boulevard; the country's first multipurpose complexes – with residential and commercial space, actually the country's first elite-class club house, built by renowned architects using foreign technologies; the country's and Eastern Europe's first professional 18-hole golf course; the first international golf championship and charity tournament; the first sports Olympics for the diplomats and more.

On August 24, 1921, a Council of Labor and Defense decree On Establishing a Foreigner Service Bureau in Moscow Affiliated with the People’s Commissariat for Foreign Affairs, Burobin for short (a forerunner of GlavUpDK) was signed.

The bureau supplied diplomatic missions of various countries accredited in the RSFSR with accommodation, furniture, appliances and food. Subsequently, it took over 38 manors. The majority are still being used to house various embassies.

The bureau activities were under the direct control of the government and inextricably linked to the history of the country. During the Great Patriotic War, the bureau employees solved the most important tasks of ensuring the safety of foreign diplomats; by organizing their evacuation to Kuibyshev and controlling the safety of buildings for diplomatic missions in Moscow.

With the change of historical epochs, the development of international relations, and the emergence of new challenges, the Burobin also developed, starting to conduct new activities demanded by foreigners and opening new branches.

Nowadays, GlavUpDK is a modern multipurpose enterprise. It manages a state-of-the-art property complex and provides a wide range of services for doing business and living in Moscow: high-quality healthcare services (Medincentre), accounting and HR services (Firma Inpredkadry), car fleet services (Spetsavtocenter) and organization of business and culture events (Cultural Center). Both Russian citizens and foreign guests love the GlavUpDK affiliates, Moscow Country Club and the Zavidovo Recreation Complex.

Their patrons are diplomatic staff from more than 180 countries and offices of international organizations accredited in Russia, and employees of over 2000 foreign and Russian companies.

The quality management system certified according to the international standard ISO 9001:2008 was implemented at the enterprise in 2010.

GlavUpDK is the biggest and most experienced actor in the Moscow rental accommodation market; it manages more than 1 million square meters of office and residential real estate, including about 7000 apartments and four multipurpose complexes at Moscow’s prime locations: Park Place Moscow, Dobrynya, Five Ponds, Donskoy Posad.

GlavUpDK manages more than 150 mansions in Moscow; most of them are cultural heritage buildings. Many of them accommodate foreign embassies. Its team received many commendations and awards from the Moscow Mayor, appreciating their solid contribution to preserving the city’s cultural heritage.

Both foreign representatives and Russian individuals and businesses highly value the enterprise's services; however, supporting the diplomatic community remains its priority.

In addition to providing high-quality services, GlavUpDK introduces diplomats to the rich culture of our country, providing a warm welcome for foreigners who work in Moscow. Various events are held in this regard, including the participation of the International Women's Club, which brings together the wives of ambassadors and women ambassadors (since 1978), the hospitable GlavUpDK Cultural Center on Olof Palme Street regularly holds various events. And twice a year Zavidovo and the Moscow Country Club host the Summer and Winter Diplomatic Games, serving as a platform for effective dialogue among diplomats outside the official venues.

Important dates in the history of GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia:

  • 1921 – foundation of Burobin.

  • 1947 – Burobin was transformed into the Administration for Service to the Diplomatic Corps under the USSR MFA (UpDK). 

  • 1957 – Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR on the creation of a fishing and hunting base in Zavidovo for the members of diplomatic missions, the beginning of development for the Zavidovo recreation complex.

  • 1976 – Spetsavtocenter was created on the basis of the Garage for Foreign Missions. 

  • Mid-1970s – creation of the first office building for foreign representative offices on Pokrovsky Boulevard.

  • 1978 – creation of the International Women's Club in Moscow (with the active participation of the GlavUpDK). 

  • 1980s – expansion of services in the capital due to the work of about 400 foreign missions accredited to the MFA of the USSR in the capital.  The signing of the USSR Council of Ministers Decree № 640 dated May 19, 1988 On measures to improve services to diplomatic and other foreign missions in the USSR. 

  • 1992 – construction of the first multipurpose complexes in Moscow. The Park Place Moscow complex was commissioned.

  • 1996 – commissioning of the multipurpose complex Donskoy Posad. Later, the Dobrynya and Five Ponds complexes are put into service. 

  • 1993 – creation of the first professional golf course in Russia and Eastern Europe " Moscow Country Club"; a tournament on the first 9 holes was held.. GlavUpDK introduces a new sport to Russia. The beginning of charitable activity – holding of the International Charity Golf Tournament. 

  • 1990s – reconstruction of the Zavidovo recreation complex. Building cottages and a hotel complex, the creation of infrastructure. 

  • 1998 – establishment of the Cultural Center.

  • 2000s – the origin for the tradition of the Summer and Winter Diplomatic Games.


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