August 24 – Day of GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia

August 24 – Day of GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia

August 24 marks 101 years since GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia was founded. On that day, in 1921, Council of Labor and Defense issued an order “On the Establishment of the Central Bureau for the Service of Foreigners under the People's Commissariat” abbreviated Burobin (predecessor of GlavUpDK). The Bureau was providing diplomatic missions of countries accredited by Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic with accommodation, furniture, equipment, and food. Later, the organization received at its disposal 38 mansions, most of them still housing embassies today. The more international relations the country established, the more diplomatic missions appeared in Moscow, the more changes the Bureau went through and the more in-demand services it provided.

For over a century, GlavUpDK has been contributing to the development of international relations between Russia and other countries, providing a hospitable reception in Moscow to leaders and assistants of diplomatic and other foreign missions.

It offers maximum services for efficient work and comfortable life in Moscow including a comprehensive approach to house and office renting, high-quality medical care, individual business solutions: HR, accounting, legal support and consulting, organization of business events and countryside vacations, transport services.

GlavUpDK is the largest and most experienced player in the Moscow real estate market; it manages over a million of square meters of residential and office real estate, including about 7,000 apartments in high-end Moscow districts, four multi-purpose complexes in affluent areas like Park Place Moscow, Dobrynya, Pyat Prudov, Donskoy Posad.

One of the Bureau’s key tasks remains its duty to introduce foreigners to the diversity and richness of Russian culture. In this regard, it holds various events, such as Summer and Winter Diplomatic Games that diplomats use as a platform for effective dialogues outside the conventional diplomatic spaces.

GlavUpDK combines various vectors of activities, comprehensively affecting foreign representatives visiting Moscow. This way, the organization has been remaining an indispensable partner for many clients over decades.

GlavUpDK also uses its activity to influence positive changes in society. It restores the original look of the old mansions that it manages (over 130 in total) conserving Moscow’s unique historical appearance. GlavUpDK staff has received numerous Commendations and awards from the Mayor of Moscow for their restoration works and great contribution to heritage conservation. The International Charity Golf Tournament, held annually for over 26 years now at Moscow Country Club, Russia’s first professional golf course, has helped hundreds of children in need.

On reaching the centenary milestone of successful work, GlavUpDK keeps changing and developing, improving its services and business principles. What remains the same are the quality standards and care for the customers’ needs – these are the cornerstones laid by generations of predecessors!

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