The firm ‘Inpredkadry’ offers to You obtain the services of the team of the highly qualified specialists in the area of accounting, taxation and audit. Our employees undertake the accounting of Your company and set You free from the necessity of research and employment of you own specialists, equipping of the work places, expenses for the auditor companies and other complexities.  

Advantages and possibilities 

Professional level of our employees have few analogs on the labor market, as GlavUpDK provides their permanent advanced trainings, awareness support of the legislation alterations, and also utilization of the most contemporary information systems and data bases. Employment of permanent employees of that level requires the significant salary, and additional expenses, highly exceeding the service cost of our company.   

Moreover, You can’t underestimate the fact, that all expenses for the events, advanced the qualification of the personnel, and acquisition of the accounting program and other required materials will be undertake by us, not your business. 

We undertake complete liability for correct accounting and taxation reporting, and, that equally important, save the clients from the risks, related to the cooperation with the taxation authorities of RF. 

We also provide consultation and technical support, provide the information of alteration of taxation and accountant legislation. 

Accounting support is provided as for the representative of the foreign companies in Russia, as well as for the Russian organizations. 

Main accounting services 

  • External accounting support, according to the legislation;

  • Preparation and delivery of the required accounting to non-budgetary funds and tax inspectorate;

  • Payroll accounting, benefits, leaves and payment to the non-budgetary funds;

  • Execution of the personal income records.

  • Execution and providing of the foreign personal income declaration.

  • Reconciliation of accounting foe calculated and paid taxes and insurance contributions;

  • Service of registration and deregistration at the tax authorities of movable property of the organizations and so on.

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